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Meet Us at the 13th Annual World ADC San Diego

13th Annual World ADC San Diego

13th Annual World ADC San Diego

September 6-9, 2022

Sheraton San Diego Hotel and Marina, 1380 Harbor Island Dr, San Diego, CA 92101, USA

Booth #23

The World ADC team is excited to once more unite 600+ ADC enthusiasts at the World's Definitive Antibody-Drug Conjugate Event and ploughs its collective energy into sourcing the insights you need. The World ADC Series investigate the most challenging problems facing the industry; source the leading experts who have game-changing solutions; and distill this into accessible formats of information exchange–for you. From globally leading conferences, to webinars and industry reports, whatever the information you need, World ADC can offer you the insights you need to accelerate your ADC programs.

The 13th Annual World ADC San Diego has ended. Thank you all for your enthusiastic attention to our booth and look forward to seeing you at the next World ADC San Diego.

Creative Biolabs is proud to exhibit and participate in industry conferences where our scientists showcase innovative drug discovery solutions. Whether you are diving into scientific research, biopharmaceutical discovery and development, or industrial manufacturing, we strongly encourage you to come and meet us at our upcoming conferences!

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