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Meet Us at the 13th Annual World Bispecific Summit

13th Annual World Bispecific Summit

13th Annual World Bispecific Summit

September 20-22, 2022

DoubleTree Boston North Shore, 50 Ferncroft Rd, Boston, MA 01923, USA

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With more clinical candidates and commercial success than ever within this rapidly developing space, multi-specifics is evidently the fourth wave of drug discovery. With this, there has never been a hotter time to double down and deliver the holy grail of precision oncology as the true power of bispecifics is recognized.

The 13th Annual World Bispecific Summit will deliver a greater scope and penetration of innovative technical content than any other meeting. This year’s re-imagined agenda will cover unique target discovery, mechanistic diversity and translational science as well as novel formats, product design and manufacturability challenges faced in the bispecific field.

The 13th Annual World Bispecific Summit has ended. Thank you all for your enthusiastic attention to our booth and look forward to seeing you at the next World Bispecific Summit.

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