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Meet Us at the 14th Annual World ADC San Diego

14th Annual World ADC San Diego
14th Annual World ADC San Diego

14th Annual World ADC San Diego

October 16-19, 2023

Sheraton San Diego Hotel and Marina, 1380 Harbor Island Dr, San Diego, CA 92101, USA

Designed to make sure antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) experts are up to date with industry's advancements, the World ADC Event Series unites 1,500+ experts in the field to provide valuable insights and connections to advance ADCs as a first-option treatment. From globally leading conferences to webinars and industry reports, whatever the information you need, the 14th World ADC San Diego can offer you the insights you need to maximizing the therapeutic window of ADCs and help to bring safe and effective therapies to market faster.

Whether you have just ventured into the ADC space or are an ADC guru, the 14th World ADC San Diego has got you covered. Accompanying you from early discovery to late-stage manufacturing and regulatory challenges, this meeting has been designed with one aim in mind: to maximize the therapeutic window of your ADC, and propel ADCs to become life-changing, front-line treatments for oncology patients.

With over 800 world-leading ADC experts in attendance including Daiichi Sankyo, ImmunoGen, AbbVie, Gilead Sciences, and Seagen, this is set to be the biggest-ever convergence of the ADC community yet and you cannot afford to miss it!

Drop by our booth if you will be attending the 14th Annual World ADC San Diego! Our specialists are excited to meet our customers face-to-face to discuss how Creative Biolabs can help develop and optimize your ADC discovery. Feel free to leave your contact information and tell us your partnering needs!

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