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Meet Us at the 14th Annual World Bispecific Summit

14th Annual World Bispecific Summit

14th Annual World Bispecific Summit

October 2-4, 2023

The Colonnade, 120 Huntington Ave, Boston, MA 02116, USA

Booth #7

Recent scientific developments, particularly in antibody engineering, have led to numerous innovations in cancer immunotherapy and one of the most promising innovations has been the development of bispecific antibodies, as bispecific drugs make huge waves in multiple myeloma and lymphoma, so much so that they threaten cell therapy in multiple myeloma.

To celebrate the huge progression in the space, the 14th World Bispecific Summit is calling drug developers across discovery, preclinical and clinical development to join forces at this years summit and be part of the movement transforming the development of bi and multi-specific specific drugs to progress more drugs to approval status and to patients in need.

As over 150 key opinion leaders from the bi and multi-specific community convene in Boston, don’t miss your opportunity to be at the epicentre of the discussion and networking as we delve into novel targets, next generation formats, AI in bispecific and translational and clinical development. There is no other forum out there that can deliver a one-stop-shop on all things bispecifics.

The 14th Annual World Bispecific Summit has ended. Thank you all for your enthusiastic attention to our booth and look forward to seeing you at the next World Bispecific Summit.

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